About me

Hello and welcome — I am Martin Ossikovski and this is my home on the Web.

As a research professional, I am mainly interested in history of pre-modern political and economic thought, as well as history (pre-1650s) of journalism, media ethics, and communication theory. 

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sofia, 2002), a master’s degree in Medieval Studies (Department of Medieval Studies, Central European University, 2003), and a doctorate in History and Theory of Culture (Department of History and Theory of Culture, University of Sofia, 2009). I have specialised at various educational institutions across Europe, such as the University of Hanover (Philosophy Seminar, 2004), the University of Helsinki (Department of History, 2005), Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg (History Seminar, 2007), and the University of Oxford (Oriel College, 2007/8). I am currently working as an associate professor at the University of National and World Economy in my home Sofia, Bulgaria.

It took me about five years to complete my (so far) main opus: a comparative study of the views of collective wisdom and infallibility of two prominent fourteenth-century intellectuals, Marsilius of Padua and William of Ockham. In February 2009, the study was successfully defended as a doctoral dissertation at the Department of History and Theory of Culture of the University of Sofia. 

Lately, I have been working on a study (plus a Bulgarian translation) of John Milton’s Areopagitica. Inter alia, I have published Bulgarian translations of some very inspirational texts by William of Ockham, Marsilius of Padua, Martin Luther, William James, and Abraham Joshua Heschel. (I’m very passionate about languages.)

My hobbies are piano and dSLR photography; sections of this site will give you a blink into the details. 

Should you feel interested in anything else in particular, you can always send me an email or have a look at my Academia.edu profile.